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Frangipani Handling

Frangipani are hardy and forgiving plants which seem to thrive on neglect. However, given regular watering and a fertiliser high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, during the flowering season, they will reward you with more plentiful flowers which are bigger and stronger in colour.

Six hours direct sunlight daily is required for optimum / maximum flowering. Frangipanis are very drought, salt and fire tolerant plants. They respond well to pruning and grow well in large pots. Do not water in winter once established.

Leaves can be affected by fungus, mould and rust. If needed are best sprayed with a copper based fungicide and whiteoil solution.
Fertilizing Tips

It is best to keep your frangipanis dry during the cooler months. Frangipanis respond best to organic fertilizers which are high in N.P.K. They love animal manure. The best potting mix is any commercial potting mix with 30% sand and some slow release fertiliser added.
How to Prune a Tree

The trees respond very well to pruning and can be kept at a preferred size with regular pruning. Different pruning approaches can be used to create a compact, densely branched tree or a standard topiary shrub style with long trunk and no lower branches. To create a densely branched specimen prune branches to one half or one third of their natural length.

These pruned branches will sprout multiple branches near the pruned ends. To prune to produce no branches simply prune branches right back to the main trunk so that no further branching can occur.